Monday, 29 May 2017

Once Upon a Time (Season 6) Finale: "The Final Battle"

Just when it looks like Storybrooke can enjoy some peace, once more it is threatened by dark forces. Regina's dark half - the Evil Queen - continues to exist despite her heart being crushed; unburdened by a conscience, the Evil Queen has declared war on the heroes and separates Snow and David by placing a sleeping curse on their shared heart. Later on, the Black Fairy abducts Gideon, the son of Gold and Belle. Gideon arrives as a grown man, and is revealed to be the one fated to kill Emma. The events lead to the Black Fairy, the creator of the Dark Curse, who is also controlling Gideon with his heart, crossing over into Storybrooke, as the ongoing war between light and darkness ultimately leads to the Final Battle that was prophesied before the casting of the original Curse. After the events of the Final Battle close the last chapter, which finally bought "Happy Beginnings" for everyone involved, a new one has begun for a grown-up Henry, when his daughter Lucy arrives in Seattle from the Enchanted Forest, for a new adventure.

Well guys, this is it: six seasons of magic all leading up to one gigantic "Final Battle"/ And if you've been following the news at all, it is a lot to handle. We say goodbye to Emma. Well, Emma and Henry. Oh, and Charming and Snow. Well, Emma, Henry, Charming, Snow and Belle. Also Zelena. Essentially, this last episode is a goodbye to the show as we know it. So maybe time had come to close the chapter on a lot of the stories that have been told during six seasons. 

The Final Battle is not one epic war in the way you'd first expect it to be. It is a fight for Emma's belief, her hope. At the end of the episode, the final battle is over, but there is no "The End". Endings don't lead to happiness. Being together leads to happiness. Everyone is okay in their respective world and through our lens, it would seem that everyone is going to live happily ever after... Forever. What I really hoped happened for Regina. As by the end of the season finale Regina is no longer walking around and wondering whether or not she should be evil; that's been settled. When the dwarfs bow to her, they bow to her as the Queen. She is no longer the Evil Queen.

What is left for us now is the opportunity to spend the summer living with the happiness that we've seen these characters get: because these characters really earned this place of happiness they've found. 

From what we saw at the very end of the finale, a new hero will be leading us into a new world, which is an adult Henry Mills. This makes sense as Henry was the author writing everyone else's story, so it looks like he left home to find his own story, then something must have happened and he's got to be the hero. It is a little continuity between the two world of the show and how Henry fits in them. Henry has always been the heart of the show from the very beginning. Finally, my only hope for the new season coming in fall is that writers won't throw away what came before, but build on and expand the universe we know; so that what happened, what character lived with and what they've invested in all these years still matter. Not just clear a playing field and start over. Just tell the audience new stories, expand the canvas they've been given and honour what has come before.

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