Friday, 11 November 2016


As a math savant uncooks the books for a new client, the Treasury Department closes in on his activities and the body counts starts to rise.

In 1998, Oscar-grabbing blockbuster Rain Man drew the blueprint for portraying autism in mainstream cinema, painting the condition as a kind of adorable super power thanks to Dustin Hoffman. I know Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are BFF in real life but I couldn't help myself to compare this film to a mix between Good Will Hunting and Jason Bourne.

Behold the hero only Ben Affleck could play: mortal, yes, but blessed with extraordinary abilities. Is the Bruce Wayne DNA spliced into The Accountant's  back story a wink or a coincidence? If Affleck's knows, he's not telling. This film takes its time to tell its story but in a good way this time around. It takes a certain amount of effort to flesh out those characters and not only Affleck's character but also Anna Kendrick's and J.K. Simmons'. 

With a character with so few lines, generally, you don't want the movie to gravitate around him; but here you really want to know what he's up to next. You're getting attached to his character and interested in how his condition fits into his life. Ben Affleck has consistently proven wrong to the Affleck-haters out there: the man is a great actor and an even greater director, he's legitimate. Affleck is amazing in this film as he's introverted and has a hard time communicating with people but at the same time, you can really tell that he wants to and it's really interesting to watch his character evolves and see how he's dealing with his condition. 

Though the movie gets lots of things wrong about autism, they got little details right such as he has trouble with eye contact, doesn't understand complex social cues, irony or gratitude and likes to separate all the different food on his dinner plate. As far as the story lines are concerned, nothing makes an awful lot of sense. Characters motivations are barely touched on, explanatory scenes are crushed over and the final relies on a bizarre combination of coincidence. However, the action is extremely well filmed, choreographed and edited. Finally, the narrative is very unconventional, it doesn't give you all the answers, which forces the audience to be attentive and to watch the film properly in order to find the answers. 

Overall, The Accountant is really fast paced and is technically an action film but with a drama aspect, which gives more legitimacy to the character.

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