Sunday, 18 September 2016

"Johnson & Hart"

After he reconnects with an awkward pal from high school through Facebook, a mild-mannered accountant is lured into the world of international espionage. 

These are the making of a very good, very awkward comedy about getting older and coping with life's expectations and disappointments. Central Intelligence, despite featuring explosions, car chases, shoot-outs and muscles shirts, explores a softer, vulnerable side of the 44-year old Dwayne-The Rock-Johnson; who gives a surprisingly varied performance.  

Everybody loves The Rock, right? His skills at both one-liners and punching people through walls means an action comedy with his name above the title definitely pops the interest. Thank the movie Gods for Dwayne Johnson, who delivers a performance of such charm, such unexpected goofiness that the screen practically glows every time he appears. Plus, there's literally nothing unlovable about Johnson's performance, hitting a perfect balance point somewhere between traumatised adolescent, unbreakable superhero, and an overexcited man-child. 

Moreover, Dwayne Jonhson and Kevin Hart are a perfect buddy duo - just like Ryan Gosling and Russel Crowe were earlier this year in The Nice Guys.  Their relationship feels genuine and if there's any justice in the world, this will be the first of many Johnson & Hart movies. "Johnson & Hart" even sounds like a classic comedy duo. The hows and whys of the quest at hand aren't exactly important in this film and the movie's director, Rawson Marshall Thurber is a comedy guy, not an action guy, which explains how Stormtrooperly-bad the shootouts and chases that pop up every 15 minutes are. This is a much better comedy than it is an action movie. 

Overall, sometimes all you need is to watch The Rock knocks out someone with a banana in a unicorn blue t-shirt.   


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