Monday, 1 August 2016

You Didn't See that One Coming?

The Four Horsemen resurface and are forcibly recruited by a tech genius to pull off their most impossible heist yet. 

This film is the sequel to Now You See Me, we have the Four Horsemen back except one of them: Isla Fisher, who's been replaced by Lizzy Caplan. The pleasure of NYSM2 is that the Horsemen perform magic with human powers. They are superheroes of the mind. Three years ago NYSM was a grand illusion thriller, drawing on elements from Nolan's The Prestige and Soderbergh's Ocean series. 

Mark Ruffalo is the core character of this film, his sincerity makes it work. In my opinion he carries the entire film. He has a heartfelt story in the film and his character has been given the most logical reasons to be there and exist. All of the other characters seem to be contractually obliged to be there. Whereas Ruffalo has motivation. As far as characters go, the rest don't really have much going on. 

Bigger isn't always better, in the case of sequel, especially in a movie about magicians and out-tricking people. Less is better. The key is accuracy. Though, the director keeps things moving at a smooth pace. The first movie had me questioned some of the things that happened, but for the most part you go gracefully along and have fun! In some ways this sequel is quite the same but it lacks of substance. There's tons of flashy big sequences but none of them really had up to anything. Furthermore, there were an absurd amount of continuity errors in this film. usually I don't look for that sort of things, and filmmakers don't expect their audience to. However, when you examines film and you really look for errors like that, it starts to become noticeable. Finally, this movie is edited with impressive rapid-fire precision. We keep thinking: when is the climax going to arrive?      

Overall, in NYSM2 there is always more than meets the eye. 

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