Monday, 13 June 2016

Too Many Wonders in Wonderland

Alice returns to the whimsical world of Wonderland and travels back in time to help the Mad Hatter. 

I'm surprised this sequel took six years in the making, regarding  the tonne of money it made. By now we should have had a movie every year for Alice in Wonderland: spin-off, sequel, and prequel involving the Cheshire Cat. As its predecessor, this film is visually awesome, time travel and changing the past in Alice in Wonderland : this could be epic - this sounds definitely epic to me. As a whole, the movie has a great message: the importance of family, of being yourself, not what the world tell you-you should be and making your own path.

I get that Wonderland might be an odd place but when all actors are acting insane - even the one supposed to be sane - it starts to get a little weirder than usual. Films are hard to make so I'm not going yo trash the director and being able to direct actors is tough as well, but I really noticed the lack of emotional consistency most likely due to bad acting. On a plus note, Sacha Baron Cohen character is efficient, he's actually not a proper villain, he's just Time and I won't spoil anything but you can clearly see Alice as the villain here. However, Helena Bonham Carter screaming and shouting all the time really gets to me after two movies of the same thing. Finally, the film itself looks like animation. Which is pretty weird when you realise actors are eventually alone on a green screen. They're many plots in this film and sometimes it gets overwhelming and you lose that wonder, you're no longer swept away in this world where wonder exist, where awe is so important and one man happiness creates an entire death trap that could literally collide the entire universe. Alice Through the Looking Glass had a hard time balancing all the stories.

Overall I was entertained but also annoyed. I can probably say that I enjoyed that one more than the first because of the time travel story line maybe...

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