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Bound by a shared destiny, a teen bursting with scientific curiosity and a former boy-genius inventor embark on a mission to unearth the secrets of a place somewhere in time and space that exists in their collective memory.

Tomorrowland is a geographical situation in Disney World but there's no proper backstory and that is exactly what's interesting, finding this unique way to tell this story that anyone could have a connection with. This film is a new branded Disney big action summer blockbuster that feels like a theme park ride with also real emotional experience. Walt Disney was a guy that believed in taking an active role in the future and he viewed it as an exciting thing, as something that have enormous challenges. The promise of Tomorrowland is that the future is what we make of it, a shining hope. This is what can happen if you don't give up, this is what we're capable of and this is what we can achieve. I was really excited to see that movie, not only because it's Disney branded but also because Brad Bird is an amazing director. I've loved his animation works such as The Incredibles or Ratatouille and his live action premiere with Ghost Protocol was fantastic as well. Once again with live action and sci-fi, he showed he completely understands what he's doing behind the camera and he's by far the aspect of this movie. Plus, sounds and visuals are such an experience. In fact, everyone's complaining about movie industry originality and the fact that we're making the same movies over and over again. Here we have not a sequel, not a movie which is part of a franchise, neither a reboot but a holly original and unique film with an extremely creative vision. Part Jules Verne, part Apple Store, Bird's vision of the future is everything you hoped you'd live long enough to see when you were a child. This film attempts to bring back optimism into style by making a strong argument against the kind of future we usually offer  to our own children and against this collective resignation about our future like "yeah we're all just passenger on this crappy bus..." But when did it change? Our vision when we were kids was so positive, what made it change? Can we make it back to this other way of thinking? 

The trailer did not really show much and in this day and age I have to respect that and stay super vague. Casey's passion is space, her father worked for NASA, she's not the most popular girl at school but she's not really an outcast either, she is a normal girl who wants to find her place in the universe and she believes that is in space but NASA system is obsolete. Casey seems very hopeful about the future. Indeed performances are all very good. Britt Robertson really manages to explore the depth of her character. There are lots of humour as well as action in this film and she does a great job with that too. Moreover, George Clooney is a great actor but he's also in our popular culture a guy who sticks his neck out for things he believes in, who means what he says and steps out in order to say it. Here he's not his usual "Ocean" playboy character as Frank is the most cynical person you could ever meet ever. We get the sense that he's an older grumpy man and once we get to know more about him we start to understand why he behaves and feels that way which makes us care a lot more about him. Plus, the whole family dynamic is turned upside down because the parents are the younger version. However, the way the villain was introduce and how they have to avoid the catastrophe did not work that much and felt a little cliché for such an original movie.

Tomorrowland has a special and cool way to unravel the plot, it didn't tell you everything out all at once. It's like bread crumbs you're following along with the characters and it made me feel like a child again learning along going on this adventure. Good feeling! The film is actually not about Tomorrowland but about the journey to Tomorrowland and it's an interesting journey, but some people might be disappointed by that. It's like a movie called Neverland but for the whole movie it deals with Peter Pan figuring out the second star to the right and straight on till morning is how you actually get there. Somehow the movie finds a way to take us on this journey with a strong point. If you look at something and keep aiming to your goal you'll be drowned by it. We all shaped what the future is we just have to change our vision and we'll be moving towards that goal, don't just accept a future you don't believe in. 

Overall, the journey to Tomorrowland was so much fun. Filled with a lot of awes and wonder, amazing design and scene constructions, great humour, original plot and good performances.

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