Saturday, 21 March 2015


A furloughed convict and his American and Chinese partners hunt a high-level cybercrime network from Chicago to Los Angeles to Honk-Kong to Jakarta.

Blackhat is directed by Michael Mann and stars Chris Hemsworth. I've never been a huge fan of Mann's work such as Heat, The Insider or Collateral; but in my opinion he has the ability to film city night life as its best, making it looks edgy and greedy. In the film you can confused shaky cam with hand-held camera, which is mainly what Mann is using. There are beautiful shots, great action sequences and good shout outs: an usual good imagery. However, the tone is very inconsistent and the movie drags and drags from time to time. The script is the one to blame for the poor core of this film. It's not entirely due to Chris Hemsworth not fitting in at all as a super computer hacker. He's a really likable and talented actor, he has a great screen presence but I do not buy him as a super nerd genius, as Thor fine, as a race car driver also fine but not as a geek. It wouldn't even fit with his routine a the gym. We need more hackers who looks like Chris Hemsworth though; it's 2015, we need our hacker looking pretty! In fact, it's due to the dialogue, the writing of the characters and the fact that the movie is more and more unrealistic as it goes along, to the point where you don't really care anymore and start questioning where the movie is really going. No one stands out or make something special. Even the romance is not realistic at all. Those facts added to the long and even more boring series about computer hacking; I completely master that some expert really praised the film for getting some small details correct but personally I did not understand a single word they said. Blackhat certainly is an inconsistent film although Michael Mann does really understand gun fight, action sequences and they're really well done. The audio feels realistic, not Hollywood made action movie.Plus, his signature cinematography works well with those scenes but then all of a sudden there are these cgi sequences which don't with the more hand-held camera on purpose cinematography. Finally, you'll like this movie for one of those two reasons: (1) Michael Mann directs it and you love everything he does, (2) Chris Hemsworth is in it and you want to like it because of him. It doesn't make the movie any better nonetheless. 

Overall Blackhat is a really long and boring movie that comes to life with his action sequences. With a script filled with so many stupid dialogues, lifeless and uninteresting characters, and even more cliché villains.

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