Monday, 13 October 2014


A couple begin to experience terrifying supernatural occurrences involving a vintage doll shortly after their home is invaded by satanic cultists.  

Annabelle is produced by James Wang and directed by his preferred cinematographer of choice R.R Leonetti. This movie is kind of a sequel to The Conjuring and I absolutely loved The Conjuring. Actually Leonetti was director of the photography on Insidious 1, Insidious 2 and The Conjuring; which all three movies happen to be one of my favorites horror movies of all time. Annabelle is the creepiest looking doll I've ever seen in my life, who ever thought to bring it into their house? Really... Who on earth would put that thing in their baby's room? No one sain for sure. This movie is based on jump scare after jump scare. The horror is obvious, you know something is going to happen. There were not that much of suspense building over the film though and the construction of the scary scenes. In fact, the film making doesn't properly fit the tones of sound effects that are supposed to make you feel something very scary is happening. My favorite scene is the elevator/staircase sequence which is really cool. For the first hour of the movie nothing really scary happen, it's just some pretty creepy close up of the doll. And then, that's when all the real scary things properly start to happen, we can actually see the demon: that's cool. Finally in this film mostly all the characters were not that great. They are all flat and lifeless; narrating the story of a perfect couple with a cute baby on the way and money which comes from god knows where. Unsurprising. 

Overall Annabelle is a bit disappointing as it was so predictable, it's not as close to be as good as The Conjuring. 

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