Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD (Season 2) Premiere

After it was revealed that terrorist group HYDRA had infiltrated SHIELD up to the highest level in Captain America: The Winter Soldier This left the division's few loyal members scattered and running for cover, while the government scrambled to destroy the many-headed threats. SHIELD was compromised and agent Grant Ward, one of the core team members, was revealed to be a mole in league with the enemy.


Marvel's Agents of SHIELD returns to ABC with season 2 premiere episode "Shadows". In fact, with Coulson and his team forced into the shadows while they rebuild SHIELD, the new season raises stakes higher than ever before and SHIELD has come out of Season 1 a stronger show in nearly every way. Some early instalments of season 2 capture the thrill we've come to expect from Marvel's properties, many mysteries were introduced in season 1 but answers did not seem to be forthcoming. 
If the season 1 finale left things on a high note the season 2 premiere elevates the show to another level, demonstrating a new found confidence in its premise, now that it no longer has to navigate into the tricky ground of maintaining Captain America: TWS secrets. The series has grown since its first season in two major way. First, the show has a new sense of purpose as Coulson's team is no longer part of SHIELD. After the fall they ARE the SHIELD. Coulson being the head of it makes every move he and his team do much more significant. Secondly, the character have a new sense of being lived in. Characters feel overly clean, fresh and new. Most of the crew have changed since they were introduced in the first season, bearing emotional scars, baggage from revelations and Agent Ward's betrayal and the far reaching consequences of his acts are still front-and-centre.   

There's also the introduction of several new characters. These characters largely have backgrounds as mercenaries, they serve as a nice counterbalance to the old crew as they're willing to question Coulson in ways that the other character's loyalty and fondness doesn't allow. The premiere's opening minutes are also the closest the series has ever come to capturing the scale and gravity of the Marvel's movies. It's thrilling to see the show operating with such a scale. Agents of SHIELD is probably the most ambitious show on TV nowadays, in terms of effects. Obviously as a fan like any others I have certain expectations because I'm used to massive super hero productions. They have to navigate with about fifty times less money and time, given that fact I do feel like they pull off some really great effects with the right amount of "Wow" per episode. The thing that is good about Marvel as a brand is: it isn't just about the "Wow", most of the time the best scenes are the one with humour and those characters moment. Finally, the theme of evolution with one of the villain character: Raina, were very apparent towards the end of the first season. What will SHIELD become? A part of the answer is in Coulson's monologue about how SHIELD lives in the shadows now. If anything, this episode proves the shadows is where Agents of SHIELD belonged all along. Infusing the show with just a touch of darkness that makes it much more interesting. Entering season 2, I'm sure the fan will likely be eager and excited to see how Coulson and his team navigate in the shadows as they try to rebuild SHIELD from dust.

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