Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Expendables 3

Barney augments his team with new blood for a personal battle: to take down Conrad Stonebanks, the Expendables co-founder and notorious arms trader who is hell bent on wiping out Barney and every single one of his associates. 

I'm not what you can call a HUGE fan of action movies, but I've watched many of them and I loved watching Sly and Schwarzenegger kicking asses. I miss those movies back to the old days when all The Expendables stars were in the 80's and were all self delusional ego maniac who took everything seriously which sometimes overcame their "crappy" acting. Their god complexes gave us some great performances because they believed in themselves so much. However now, The Expendables 3 movie is all cheesy, with a bunch of big jokes. They have become the Scary Movie of action movies, parodying on themselves. At the beginning there are some kick ass action scenes which establish what the movie is going to be and then wipe out this bunch of old guys who prepared themselves to fight together like in the 80's. All gone. This time Stallone welcome new guys on board, a bigger cast with a far better story, all of this displaying us a more complete picture than the former films. The film does take a little more time with characters in order to build them up a bit. They managed to combined what they haven't done yet and what we wanted to see i-e comedy is there, the action is there and the big faces are there. In fact as usual, there are a lot of guns, actions and explosions all in one movie. The good thing is that all stars are different as they bring a different flavor to the movie which ad some valour to the final product. It makes it be more appealing. This movie is not perfect. Nevertheless it has so much potential. Some good things could have been done if they were handled correctly. Unfortunately in The Expendables 3 not so much. In this film they're all aware of their silliness and making fun of themselves, they have to play a character, not a parody. Plus, they could have take the easy way, getting a real bad guy, an iconic villain that we've already hated in movies. Yet they chose Mel Gibson who is obviously a good guy in the movie universe. This is a real challenge for him as he has to made the bad guy believable and at the same time sympathetic somehow. Mel Gibson really is pretty damn good in the movie. If we're being honest it's easy to compare talents when you take an actor of his level and put him in the middle of wrestlers, bodybuilders and Stallone. THAT'S ACTING! He has a truly great scene in which he explains why he is the way he is. I wanted the rest of the film to be like that. 

This is a hint of what The Expendables franchise could be if they try to be serious and not only a parody of their forms. Harrison Ford is replacing Bruce Willis as a CIA agent in lazy cameo. Antonio Banderas' character is 50/50; whether you like him and think he is hilarious or annoying as hell. I think that those younger guys go against the entire concept of The Expendables. One younger mind is OK. Bring that computer guy in. He brings some fresh new digital element which is fine. Not everyone on the poster need to be on the film. Finally if you take those people, focus on character who worth focusing on and make it interesting, don't just make a bunch of jokes from you former career, The Expendables would be 300% more entertaining that it already is. It's good, I'm not going for realistic action and logic, I'm not even going to this movie for believable characters. I'm going for bullet action, old bad asses and cheeky references to their old movies (eventually). You have to leave logic out the door for this film: helicopters don't move like that, people don't live through that, and they can't physically do that. 

Overall The Expendables 3 is an entertaining film but also boring film at time, with a very good villain and few good action sequences for the most part.                 

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