Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Robin Williams Tribute

Not a very good day for Cinema today. 
At first, I thought I wouldn't ever do posts like this one; writing about the past of a celebrity. Unfortunately today Robin Williams passed away aged 63 from an apparent suicide. The thing is I really wanted to write about him, though, in order to express and share my thoughts and mostly because I feel like he will be missed.  

Robin Williams was part of my childhood and with him, I sense like a part of it died today.
He was in so many movies I loved growing up. Those movies affected me so positively. First as the genie voice in Aladdin, obviously I wanted him as a friend, not only because he could give wishes but he was truly an amazing and lovable character. Incredible. 


I could not tell you how many times I've watched Hook, which is pretty underrated if we're being honest. This movie affects me as a kid as it strengthens my imagination, made me want to go other places and made me want to experience new things. I can't feel the same for Disney movies characters that I loved as well. The difference is that they are fictional and I knew that someone has been drawing them on a piece of paper before they were on a big screen or on my TV. But in my little childish mind, Robin Williams was Peter, he was the genie in Aladdin, he was Allan Parrish in Jumanji. In fact, Jumanji was on replay as a kid, I remember the special effects being amazing at the time. Even if you were not a huge fan of those movies you can't help but smile back when you see Robin Williams' face. He had the warmest and affectionate smile.  

It was just till recently that I saw films like Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poets SocietyAwakenings with Robert De Niro or Good Will Hunting. For the first time it leads me looking at acting very differently as I saw someone who was primarily viewed as a "funny guy"; being able to deliver such an incredibly heartfelt and real performance. Robin Williams was perfect in Good Will Hunting. Perfectly flawless. 


Of all Robin Williams' career the one film everyone will remember him for is Mrs. Doubtfire. Him being able to embody a character so risky is ambitious. But he made it work and he made it seems so effortless. This morning when the news came out, I instantly felt the need to take out all my old VHS of his movies. I'm not usually too affected over celebrity deaths, but I am truly hurt over Robin Williams death. I just wanted to share that feeling as may be some of you are experiencing the same thing.
Now I don't want to dwell too much on the sadness of this event; I want to bring out just how much he really mean to a lot of people and inspired a whole generation.

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