Monday, 11 August 2014


A couple with a newborn baby face unexpected difficulties after their new neighbors, who happen to be a fraternity house, moved in. Therefore they are forced to live next to each other.  

This movie could have gone both ways. In one hand you could leave and think it was the worst movie you ever seen. In the other hand you could think it was extremely entertaining and funny. There are some very funny jokes and likable absurdities during the competition between the two houses, they are pranking each other back and forth, which is fun to watch. I feel like there are a great chemistry between the stars; not only between Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen who are fantastic together, but also between Efron and Rogen. They are really good. Indeed, both of them are in the same path but in different ways. They are experiencing the same things. There is a gap between them as one is going from teenage hood to adulthood as he experiments the fact of being a dad and the other has to face the harsh reality leaving college and working world. Plus, Rose Byrne is absolutely amazingly hilarious in this movie, she totally gets that!

Overall, Neighbors is an enjoyable movie thanks to fun characters and cast chemistry. It's the perfect summertime comedy that we all want to see every summer.     

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