Thursday, 7 August 2014


A woman, accidentally caught in a dark deal, turns the tables on her captors and transforms into a merciless warrior evolved beyond human logic. 

Lucy is directed by Luc Besson and is starring Scarlett Johanson and Morgan Freeman. At first sight this film could appear to look like Limitless, which is quite similar.  This time again Luc Besson works his magic on a beautiful woman with her gun (Nikita, The Fifth Element, etc.). Scarjo is pretty good at that in the movie, as she quickly turns into a bad ass killer in the first act. Morgan Freeman's character is not that interesting, he has pretty much the same part as in Transcendence except that the film itself is better than Transcendence. Mr Jang starring Min-sik Choi is nothing more than an evil guy, killing people in cold blood, we don't really know more about him. However the movie is looking good, it is very well edited. There's a cool car chasing action scene, several very natural and fluid action scenes as well. I have a divided opinion on this film as on the one hand Lucy has some conventional action movie themes and on the other hand some too unconventional parts; it's dealing with smart things in a dumb way. It's like Luc Besson wanted to make cool things happen in a movie and he did it, but I don't really care about the plot and characters and where the story is going. We can't really like Lucy or relate to her as she doesn't encounter threatening situations, as she can access 100% of her brain capacity she becomes nearly invincible and as a protagonist nothing properly challenges her. It's entertaining but there's no tension as in an actual action movie.

Overall Lucy looks good, there are great action sequences despite the fact that tension really isn't there it's entertaining if you're just seeking that. Prepare yourself; it's different and a little bit more ambitious that you may have thought it to be just by watching the trailer.

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