Thursday, 14 August 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy

Light years from Earth, 26 years after being abducted, Peter Quill finds himself the prime target of a manhunt after discovering an orb wanted by Ronan the Accuser. 

Guardians of the Galaxy was my second most anticipated movie of 2014 after X-Men: Days of Future Past . As a huge Marvel and Sci-Fi fan I've loved watching Star Trek, 2001, Firefly and of course Star Wars. I also always hoped Marvel Studios to run into their cosmic universe someday. There are been plenty of Sci-Fi movies to keep me entertained and to charge my imagination but I was waiting for Cosmic Marvel more than anything. The Asgardian Realms haven't really counted as they were cool but they use magic mainly as a super science. They were getting there with The Battle of New-York in The Avengers and this big hole in the sky above Manhattan spewing out Aliens. Now with Guardians of the Galaxy we're talking about all details of a stunningly beautiful spacecraft. That beautiful and ALIVE! This film is a celebration of the form and I never believed I'd ever get to see a movie quite like what James Gunn dished out with this one. GoG takes Marvel cinematic Universe and open it up to a galactic scale. It takes us to corners of space that only the truest Marvel fans knew even existed; which are very rich as extraordinary stories could be told there. This is probably why people could more easily identify with it as it's not 100% an American movie, it could be appreciated in a global scale as it even doesn't take place on Earth (for the most part it's all very Alien). James Gunn suitably created a world which hearken back to the past with bright colours of all Pop Sci-Fi movies like Forbidden Planet but then also being edgy, looking forward, being dirty and real in any way that other movies haven't been in that genre. It's also kind of a gamble for Marvel as those characters are not as well known as Captain America, Iron Man, Thor or Hulk. They are a bunch of losers who think they're bad and realize along the process that they're good. This Space Opera Odyssey is different from everything they've done before but in the same time it still feels like any other Marvel movie with a same humor, action, scope and sense of stakes. GoG is the holding truth to that tradition. This film is everything I wanted it to be! 

GoG is Marvel funniest movie to date, in fact this movie is just as much of a comedy as it is an action/adventure movie; jokes are very clever and unexpected. It's also two movies in one with a live action movie and a cgi movie within it displaying character such as Rocket, Groot or Thanos.

There's something that anybody can relate to, it has to be something about every character in this movie that somebody can relate to or will relate to. Their humanity and vulnerability make that easier. Chris Pratt is fantastic, not only witty and super funny but we actually care about his character and I'm not writing this because I like Marvel movies and superhero things, he's really good in this movie. Peter Quill is a mix of Luke Skywalker, a Sci-Fi Indiana Jones and a hint of Gable. We get to see his origins which is different than other characters. He is a kind of jerk at first sight and becomes the sort of guy that has a lot to learn about the world around him and about himself. He embodies every kid that once dreamt of wistful Fantasy adventure in Space; it's what G.Lucas' films spell on us as children. All I know is that I want to see 10-20 future movies with him as Star-Lord. He definitely exhibit charisma. Working along side with an other strong female character: Gamora starring Zoe Saldana. She ads a sort of depth to the story as she has a mysterious back story that I'd like to discover in the near future. Dave Bautista as Drax is the best wrestler-turned-actor since Dwayne Johnson. Plus, he is also very funny. Moreover, we instantly get to see Groot and Rocket interaction and their old-school male friendship in which no ones feeling are talked about. It reminds me of Han Solo and Chewbacca relationship. Rocket is the coolest character I've seen in a long time, cgi is very well done, add to this Bradley Cooper voice and it's flawless. The only drawback I can see in this movie is the villain. He has to represent some universal concept but he is actually just evil, it's just a bad guy; like the Dark Elf from Thor: The Dark World, he's not quite the next Loki or Darth Vader, this next crazy awesome villain that you're going to remember for ever. He was functional though. However we know Thanos is out there, we want to power through Ronan to get to him who is the real bad bad guy of all. Thanos is the biggest bad guy, he's never gained the pop-culture recognizability of despicable comics baddies like Lex Luthor (DC) or Magneto in X-Men. With GoG he's ready to take up a lot of cinematic real estate. Thanos is probably the most waited villain in Marvel universe and to finally see him head on his throne and watch him speak sent shivers through me. 

Usually, I'm not that into 3D films but I have to say that in GoG, Imax is such a great experience. We become a part of the screen and it gives us a chance to be involve in an other dimension of the movie than we would in a regular 2D movie. Imax allows big film to be the best they possibly be. It's one of the great things about modern cinema. One of my favourite moment is when Groot shows the gang he has this power to shoot these spore up into the air and it kind of creates some lights for them. It's a really peaceful and beautiful moment. It takes me back to the wonder I felt when I was younger and watched movies. That's wonder is what I'm seeking for every time I'm walking into a theater. This movie affected the child part in me, who goes into a theater and experience a little bit of magic and hope. This movie knows how to mix different tones, humorous and darken places. It's the best eclectic assemble for a first movie that I've ever seen. The emotional core of the movie makes you experienced each second of it; the action scenes are handled as good as Joss Whedon's in The Avengers. It's taking turns at time of the movie when people don't expect them whether it's through the music happening or through sequences like the 12% scene which happens at the beginning of the 3rd act when you don't expect a five minute dialogue between our action/adventure heroes or the things that happen at the end of the movie which are (very) unexpected. GoG is all about those twists and turns that people don't quite expect within the overall structure of a very traditional action/adventure movie. 
Besides the soundtrack is so much fun! The use of music is probably the greatest super power ever used in a movie. Think of it. Those tapes, those songs. 

Everything about this film is cool. Like how the guardians come together: it's fate, destiny, circumstances and NATURAL. This first movie settled up these characters and universe which is fine as it will allow them to go straight up to the story in the sequel, more freedom, action and emotion. Answering some questions asked about Peter Quill that we found out at the end of the movie and which worth more explanation. Nevertheless, I feel like Marvel Studios are still only about 40% of the potential awesome, and I as a fan, feel that they'll one day hit; taking into account what's possible in cinema these days and that they keep upping the level. Well... I'm ready for a 100%. I love GoG at a ridiculous level right now. I was such in a happy place. It was all so much love. I walked away feeling this overwhelming sense of excitement about this whole new team of heroes. I saw the film with a fairly normal crowd. There were some geeks spread throughout, make no doubt, but most of people were people that just enjoy Marvel movies. It didn't matter, they laughed, cheered and went amazed. Me? I was smiling like a crazy person, loving every frame. I can't recommend this movie enough and I hope it will do a butt loads of business, using lesser known characters it ends up stronger than a lot of Marvel's movies. This is a must see film for anyone who has enjoyed comics and a great summer blockbuster for an even wider audience. This is the next great Marvel film, I am confident of that. Go see this film, it's worth the price of a movie ticket ten times over. 

Overall, GoG is one of the most entertaining film I've seen all year, endlessly enjoyable to watch. It's a film with absolutely physical visual effects mixed with fantastic characters who will own you. Plus the sense of humour is effortless. I do feel movie nerd are going to lose their minds over this one - you've never seen anything quite like it before.

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