Tuesday, 1 July 2014


A scientist's drive for artificial intelligence, takes on dangerous implications when after a terrorist attack his only chance to survive is to upload his consciousness into such a program.

The Director Wally Pfister is well known for his work as Director of Photography on big Christopher Nolan's productions such as Batman Begins, The Dark Knight Rises or Inception. This movie has so much potential: there are great actors (Hall, Bettany, Murphy, Freeman and Depp), Nolan's favourite cinematographer and an exciting a-i plot. A window is wide open to produce a very good and exciting movie. On an emotional dimension the plot gives to the character a deep humanity while allowing the viewer to question their behaviour. What shocked me the most in this film is how far a wife is ready to go in order to save her husband; and by all means Rebecca Hall's character must save him, including maintaining his life on a virtual aspect. Which focused Transcendence only on this Husband/Wife relationship. Nothing thrilling happens! Moreover, Depp character is not that interesting even before he became an a-i; once he is... still boring. Rebecca Hall is trying her best as well, which is apparently not enough. Freeman and Murphy had nothing to do in this movie, they appeared together in couple of random scenes which add nothing. I feel like Paul Bettany has the best part in this film as his character (Max Waters) goes through the most changes and he delivers a very good performance. Indeed Wally Pfister created beautiful images, he is a really good cinematographer. But he struggled to find a tone and pace for this story; as well as creating proper character on screen. The first twenty minutes of Transcendence are really captivating and I was excited to discover how the story will evolve next but then, the movie slows down and it gets boring. The major and "spectacular" action scene happened in the third act and was 40 seconds long. I was disappointed. Finally, It's like the movie itself intended to be contemplated and after wanted you to think about it which is totally working against the film. Unfortunately, a lot of things after dissection don't really make sense. 

Overall this film had entertaining and really beautiful parts; though I was disappointed by how they managed to cover this exciting plot on a-i.

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