Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Other Woman

After discovering her boyfriend is married, Carly soon meets the wife he's been betraying. And when yet another love affair is discovered, all three women team up to plot revenge.

Director Nick Cassavets, well known for The Notebook and She's So Lovely successfully step aside to make way for a purely entertaining and popular movie purpose. Hollywood knows how to make a good comedy. It's impressive how the machinery is so well-oiled. Indeed, the recipe is simple: a plot looking like the headline of a summer magazine article (Can we be friend with our husband mistress?) and a touch of girl power (Make him suffer!!!!). Added to this Cameron Diaz and you got a pure comedy product made in Hollywood. It's efficient. Moreover, Leslie Mann is brilliant in the part of the desperate housewife betrayed by her husband and close to a nervous breakdown. She gave us some anthological and very funny scenes though. She managed to prove once again that she is one of the most underrated weapon in American comedies. Plus, Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz have a great chemistry in the movie, but Kate Upton is definitely the stereotypical third wheel in this trio. And we literally have a scene telling us that. They gather around a table for breakfast and decide to make the guy suffer as much as he did; "I'm the lawyer, you're the wife, and we'll find out what she's good at..." The problem is that this movie is trying to be more than just a comedy, carrying a message of female empowerment. This film is begin women to go and watch it. But it's trying to hard to empowered woman so that all they're doing throughout the entire movie is talking about MEN! So this concept of empowering women is just a giant lie. 

Overall, this chick flick is dealing with women trying (to hard ?) to unite against men. Still very funny and made for women only.   

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