Saturday, 10 May 2014


A very free adaptation of Agatha Christie's Ten Little Niggers
Dealing with members of an elite DEA team, who find themselves being taken down one by one after they attempt to rob a drug cartel safe house (opening scene)

The trailer was a successful series of action sequences in which we could almost smell gun's powder. I was eager to see more about the meeting between Schwarzenegger and Sam Worthington, as they both were part of the Terminator saga. Sabotage is directed by David Ayer: director of End of watch and screenwriter of Training Day. This movie has everything of a strong action movie. Soon after this moment of excitement, I actually realised that it was co-written by Skip Woods, unfortunately largely known for X-Men Origins and A Good Day to Die Hard (when you watch it). I'm not that sensitive type of person who is terrified by violence, who's shocked by it. But this movie IS VIOLENT! The problem is not the presence of violence itself but the concept which is kind of glorified in the film. In fact lots of innocent/civilians are killed, scenes where these deaths almost happened like video games, where you can go around and smash up society. They intended to display a realist violence by exaggerating it. It clearly didn't work. Some violence doesn't need to be shown and is not justify in certain scenes, even though their showing people who try to do the right thing. Moving on to characters. Even the good guys are not likable at all, which can be explained by some lack of character's back stories. Except for Arnold's and Olivia Williams' characters who have even a shred of integrity. Lizzy, starring Mireille Enos, is the most repulsive character I've seen in a very long time. I really loved Arnold Schwarzenegger, he delivers one of his best acting performance recently (post governor term). He doesn't just walk around smoking his cigar saying funny lines, which he does, but he has also a very dark part. Once you figured out what is happening is the film, it doesn't make any sense. There is a large portion in the middle where the investigation is going on, where nothing happens, and it's almost boring. Finally,  Sabotage is the most violent film I saw lately. Violence is taken very seriously, lots of body explosions, etc. Moreover, they're trying to sell some sort of realism with Ayer tough way of filming and just adding an over the top grotesque violence to it. 

Overall, the story doesn't make sense nor the action scenes. But there is an extreme plus to this movie and that is Arnold Schwazernegger.      

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