Sunday, 6 April 2014

47 Ronin

A band of Samurai and an Half-breed set out to revenge the death of their master after being banished of their land, enslaved and dishonoured by the hands of a ruthless Shogun and their master's murderer.  

The half-breed character (half Japanese and English) named Kai, starring Keanu Reeves, enters being used as a tracker and hunter. As a child he learnt martial techniques and nature connections, he can passes through space. And obviously Kai is in love with the princess. His journey lead him to save her from the clutches of Lord Kira. 47 Ronin is the "Americanised" version of a very well known legend in Japan dealing with very important themes such as Honor, correcting a wrong, sacrifice, the few off the many, truth and spirit. It's narrating a story mainly but it's also introducing some of the Japanese culture content to the world. This film is no way like one of my father old Samurai movie. It has great sets, what director is trying to achieve is in camera with great special effects and creatures creation mainly. There is a perfect amount of Fantasy details, never in the film characters are talking about  proper magic but demons and witchcraft directly coming from the Japanese mythology. Except those scene extensions it's an old style movie making process with classical sets, huge installation, lots of people, extras, beautiful costumes, a lot of lights, cameras and actions. 47 Ronin gets exactly the essence of Japanese countryside landscape, far away from the city, and it looks gorgeous! Keanu Reeves is certainly not the greatest actor alive however he's a really good physical actor and sell the action scenes very well. He is COOL! Plus, he doesn't appear like the typical "American guy" leading the movie and saving everyone, etc. He really is just a team member. This film has to work as a "team" movie obviously because if the characters had been taken individually, they could have been boring and not so important at least. There we can see the evolution of Kai's character friendship with OĆ®shi, they're trying to know each other, and respect is growing along the journey. Finally, the first 45 mins could have been saved and summed up in some sort of prologue, as the pace is very slow. Things begin really in the last 30 mins of the film and it looks very cool, but the viewer doesn't take the time to appreciate it for what it worth because the movie ends very quickly.     

Overall it's alright but you're not going to remember it.

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