Saturday, 22 March 2014


Her deals with the story of a lonely writer who’s developing a relationship with his newly purchased operating system that’s designed to meet his every need.

Her narrates an intelligent, overwhelming but very unlikely love story. Behind a sort of innocence some cruelty pops out and slowly, without expecting it at all, a spleen settled. This film is depicting an era - ours - which is gradually drown by doubts and culpability. Many ideas are displayed, such as: desire, love, human contact, loneliness and connection. Most of the characters are realistic and very interesting. Joaquim Phoenix is so good in the part of this self-implose isolation man, named Theodore. Amy (his best friend), ironically starring Amy Adams, is experiencing her own exploration of intimacy, so they can go through it together. On the one hand in a proper relationship and on the other in a friendship. Plus both of them are evolving, growing and changing through these. The most important theme is how each heartbreak teaches you something about yourself, that's how Human are designed, they keep trying to connect with each other in many ways. Mainly Her is not about technology, future and even more not about OS (Operating System), it's more likely to be a study on connections. Her feels so new and fresh, as it's amazing colours. This film is original. I think we have to celebrate  this film because some people are still able to make awesome and original ideas, even it twisted around something we had seen before. Spike Jonze believes in it, and we can feel it. He creates a film that makes us see the world in startling new ways. Finally, musics by Arcade Fire are sounding like lullabies. We ended up caring about each one of the characters as we knew them, and it's transporting us into another super realistic world. 

Overall Her is very smart.          

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