Saturday, 1 February 2014

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

After eleven years on holidays, Jack Ryan comes back for his fifth missions on screen. In 1990 viewers discovered Alec Baldwin in "The Hunt for Red October" as Jack Ryan, first adaptation of the 1984s novel.

In this new film Jack Ryan, as a young covert CIA analyst, discovered a Russian plot to crash the US economy with a terrorist attack. The Cold War may be over but they're America so they keep the fear alive. The pivotal events happened at the beginning of the film as the young student in economy watch the September 11th terrorist attack, first attack on the US floor since Pearl Harbor in 1941. Wounded while enrolled in the Marines, a CIA field agent offers Ryan a job as analyst in a Wall Street company. Quickly Jack Ryan's character appeared to fit super well to the previous Captain Kirk, Chris Pine, who leads action scenes efficiently. His apparent physical fragility hide a genuine rational and motivated personality, which is very interesting in such ways that we clearly want to know more about what he's capable to do and who he is. Plus, a Trust pattern is present along the film. Beginning with Keira Knightley, girlfriend character, who plays a part which at first seems not plainly defined. Bounds of her involvement in his life are blurred. Then, Kevin Costner must be secretly a bad guy, leading a team where Jack Ryan is supposed to be a simple financial analyst and at least happened to be thrown in the field, risking his life as well as his fiancĂ©e's. His characters intentions are not known. Indeed, we don't know why he's here, why he choose him particularly, and how he heard about Ryan's works on top-secret-various subjects. I know what you're thinking: that's a proper characteristic of CIA Agent. But his mysterious and foggy personality works quite well in this Spy-Thriller directed by the actor-director Kennegh Branagh, not surprisingly playing the villain. The Russian basic villain. Personally, my favourite scene is Ryan "First Time" killing someone. This film is playing it safe, we all seen that kind of spy things before. Last scene close the loop with Ryan introduced to the President, typically American. But generally speaking, we saw spies killing people and then going on with their life. Ryan is obviously not used to it. We actually saw him dealing with it, he's shacking, and I assume that it's how it should be. Good job bringing it to life!

Overall, this film is a paradox as its a bit disappointing but quite efficient as well.

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