Sunday, 16 February 2014

House of Cards - Season2

House of Cards season 2 finally came out on Valentine's Day, Friday the 14 of February.
The Political Thriller picked up exactly where it left off.

At the end of the first season I was skeptical about the future as Vice President for Underwood, threatened by the three journalists lead by Zoe Barnes. In my opinion the first episode close perfectly the loop with the first season, picking up with the Underwood's running, closing the "Barnesgate" story and greeting us with a "Welcome back!" at the end of the episode. This is particularly well orchestrated, when I begin to think that Underwood forget us, our parallel conversation with him starts again. That's one of the major thing I love about House of Cards. With this direct conversation it makes me feel very close to him, in his thoughts, even though we (the viewers) are a hundred miles away from the whole story. After the first four episodes, I have the feeling that in this season characters past is going to be known. Mainly Claire's past. With his husband as Vice President of the United States, the word "privacy" doesn't exist. During an interview on a National channel it's uncover that Claire's has been raped when she was in freshman year. In a way as we begin to know more about their past, it feels like now we can have a better understanding of how they act and may be why as well. Even if their main motivation remains power. In the mean time after Zoe's death, his journalist boyfriend, Lucas is not given up on her investigation and surprisingly find a new partner. Kevin Spacey still appears as a charismatic evil mastermind, campier and funnier this time, manipulating people around him so easily that it seems painless. He doesn't have to state his intentions to make us understand where he wants to go, and that clearly is the Presidency. More ambition.

The first four episodes fly by in a blur of cheeky dialogues and plot twists. House of Cards is designed to be consumed so quickly that there are no time to taste all the little irregularities. Apportioned every week and dissected for plausibility it would barely be worth some people time. But slammed in a week or two... It's all good and you are even to see more! 

This series is addictive.   

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