Saturday, 8 February 2014

American Hustle

The story set up in the 70's when a con man named Irving Rosenfeld and his seductive partner, Sydney Posser, are forced to work for a FBI agent, Richie DiMaso. He pushes them into a world of powers-brokers and mafia.

In this Choral Polar D. O'Russell is paying a tribute to Scorsese cinema.
One of the most overwhelming fact about this film is the cast transformation and how amazing all their performances are. We knew already that all those actors are great and in this film each and every one of them play their part and they play it well. Dialogues are efficient and seem quite natural, maybe because O'Russell already worked with them before, know them and how they could play it. Characters are dealing with issues such as reinvention, ambition and manipulation. Irving and Sydney are successful in their business as they keep it small enough and simple. However when the FBI agent starring by Bradley Cooper appeared, he's bringing them into a whole new level as he's eager to level up an be remembered. Our Bonnie and Clyde of the 70's are founding themselves in a very complicated scenario. On the one hand Irving starred by Christian Bale pop out as the mastermind who came out with plans. On the other hand Sydney (Amy Adams) is empowered by her sexuality over men characters: over Irving but mainly over FBI Agent DiMasio. In fact, it's crazy to see that so much things happened and actually work predictably at the end. There's so much events going on in the same time, that viewers could be finding themselves a little lost at some point. Finally American Hustle is solid, awkward and funny though I don't see the point to nominate it for best comedy.

Overall, it's entertaining and pretty well edited.

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