Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Spectacular Now

Finally today The Spectacular Now has been released in France, better late than never.
I am absolutely mind blown by this film. Obviously I hear a lot of comments, peoples talking and read some reviews, but I'd never thought a film could be so True (with a capital "T" please). I was expecting a drama-romantic-thing but THIS. 
Wow! I wasn't prepared for that at all. Simple but so effective.

I left the cinema with such a positive mood. Telling myself that after all I wasn't alone feeling those emotions and questioning myself. This film introduces subjects such as first loves, family relationships, first time, alcohol, studies, jobs, future, and money in such a way that each one of us can perfectly and easily recognize itself. There are no big deals, no (or not yet) Hollywood super-stars, no wealthy-powerful peoples, no politics. The Spectacular Now focuses on genuine questions and problems of normal day to day teenagers. It deals with the relationships of two main characters. A "popular" high school seniors and the not-so-typical "nice girl". His philosophy on life changes when he meets her and we can see that, through his behaviour's evolution along the film. On the one hand her father passed away and she has dreams like having a house and a dog, marry the man she loves and living happily ever after. On the other hand he's more down to earth, in a negative way, as he doesn't really see the point to grow up. His father left home when he was a little boy, never came back and his mother is trying to do her best. Living in the now is comfortable for him. Adults struggle to have money, they have to work, have responsibilities and don't seem really opened out in what they do. He is realizing that his life at the moment is perfect : a girlfriend who loves him, friends, doing what he wants to do when he wants to do it. But then future. Everyone around him assume to have a plan, and he's even encouraging them to go on this way. Unlike him they already figured out their path. There's a key scene in the film. Firstly he seems totally lost, he's scared of what could happened : leaving home, moving in with his girlfriend, in a new town, afraid of failure, letting down people he cares about or hurting them and getting hurt. But suddenly, after a car accident, he understands that future is relating to challenge and hardship, but stuff always happened. The moral here is that the real challenge in our life, the real hardship is us. Don't focus on things or peoples who do not really matter in your life even if it shut out the pain and everything (good and bad). Living in the now is fine but the best part in this concept is that there is an other one tomorrow, called future, so make it count.

I have one word to qualify this film: SIMPLICITY.

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