Sunday, 15 December 2013

Starting from the Beginning

Hello everyone, 

First things first: Presentation. 
I'm Alexa. I am fond of Cinema and I'm studying English in Paris. 

This is my second proper post here. And to be completely honest with you guys, I'm not really used to it yet. As far as I can remember I've always wanted to become a Film Critic and at the end of 2013, pushed by my parents I decided to join in on a very boring evening, "Off Screen Reviews" was born. Taking a leap of faith, writing, fingers crossed for someone to read what I had to say. By setting up my own blog I intend to do some short, simple but effective film and series reviews each week. Plus some bonus posts following the news along the way. 

I think in this digital age where we grow up, our generation has to take the opportunity to share our passion, what we love with as many people as we possibly can.  

Before getting to the heart of the matter, I'd like to tell you that Cinema is all about PERCEPTION. To me it's very important that you be aware that all views expressed here are mine. I'd like to point that out because people tend to think that if reviews on a specific film are bad: they won't go and see it. WRONG. You may love the film, as you may hate films with great reviews. 
Perception is personal, so trust yourself and if you feel like commenting and share your opinions, feel free to do so! 

Finally without further explanation... shall we begin ?

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